Welcome to Poker Rooms, your source for detailed, unbiased information about playing poker online. Before you jump in, let us say a couple of things about this site.There are many more poker rooms on the internet than there are covered on this site. However, each poker room on Poker Rooms is here because it has earned our seal of approval. So, as you compare the casinos and think about where you’d like to play, keep in mind that we believe that all of these online poker casinos are great places to play. We recommend them all, otherwise they wouldn’t be here http://www.casinoroom.com/games/livecasino/.

Having said that, we do say some positive and some negative things about all of the casinos. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing reviews – we’d be giving you a sales pitch. But when you read the criticisms, just keep in mind that we believe that you’ll have a great experience at all of these online casinos – which you prefer is simply a matter of taste visit http://www.casinoroom.com/de/games/.

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